2018 Vista Outdoor Dealer Co-op Program

We are excited to announce important enhancements to the new co-op program from Vista Outdoor. In 2018, your accruals are based on prior six month purchases so you can now plan and budget more successfully since you'll know in January how much Co-op you have available for the next six months. You will now also have the flexibility to advertise any of the respective brands with accrued funds.

As with any co-op program, we have a few restrictions. All advertisements must run between January 1, through June 30, of the current year's Spring spend period, and July 1, through December 31, of the current year's Fall spend period. Claims must be submitted within 30 days of your ad's last run date. Approved claims submitted with all necessary documents will be paid by check within four to six weeks of receipt. Reference the Co-op Advertising & Local Marketing Policy for more details.

Buy Group members or Commercial Accounts with $125,000 in minimum purchases from all respective brands to qualify

  • Includes these Vista Outdoor Ammunition Brands:
    • Federal Premium, CCI, Speer, Fusion, American Eagle, Blazer, Estate, Alliant Powder
      *Ammunition accruals include Lake City Ammunition purchases.
  • Includes these Vista Outdoor Firearm Brands:
    • Savage and Stevens Firearms
  • Includes these Vista Outdoor Accessories Brands (minus golf):
    • Optics: Bushnell, Weaver, Tasco, Simmons, Night Optics, Millett
    • Shooting Accessories: Hoppes, Gunslick Pro, Outers, M-Pro 7, Butler Creek, Champion, RCBS, Weaver, Tasco, Redfield Mounts
    • Hunt/Archery: Primos, Final Approach, Gold Tip, Beestinger
    • Tactical: Blackhawk, Uncle Mikes, Gun Mate, Eagle

Co-op dollars can be spent on the Vista Outdoor brands of your choice

  • 2.5% accrual on all ammunition including Lake City Ammunition
  • 2.5% accrual on all accessories
  • 1% accrual on all Savage Firearms including Stevens

New Co-op Vendor, new capabilities, and with more to come throughout 2018!

Fund Balances, Pre-Approvals, Claims Submissions, Logos and More:

Premium Partners

2018 Co-op guidelines

Please contact your Sales Representative or Dealer Services with any questions.